New website design by Shootmedia

I am very proud to launch my new website. The design has been made by the two talented designers Paul van de Werf and Robert Minnaard, alias Shootmedia.

Shootmedia  is a studio for graphic design and information graphics, established and created in 1999. Having received an academic education in fine arts and illustration  (at Academy Minerva in Groningen), Robert and Paul focused on autonomous work (graphic art) and illustration assignments when they started off.


“ It is the effort of a great team that can create magic.”


Their current activities and interests, however, are expressed through the design of publications, the making of information graphics and the realisation of various projects and campaigns. Their background and experience have helped them develop expressive skills and a sharp eye, among other things, which they now apply when they produce work. Shootmedia often works together with other professionals, including photographers, website programmers, copywriters and editors, printers and lithographers.

Shootmedia is not an advertising agency, and their projects are not aimed at the promotion or sale of commercial products. This doesn’t mean Shootmedia only works for non-profit organisations, on the contrary. The main goal of their work, either produced for profit or non-profit clients, is to inform the customer and to clarify the content. Good examples are publications for public bodies, social annual reports, campaigns on internal operations management, visual manuals for processes in the industrial sector and service industries, as well as projects in the cultural or social field.

Besides Shootmedia another team player came to the field. I am greatful for the technical know-how of Marjan Bos. Her knowledge made our creative ideas into a virtual reality, a necessary complement to the whole. In the end, it is the effort of a great team that can create magic.