Interview @ Klassik Magazine

Earlier this month, Klassik Magazine interviewed Alice.

Here an extract of the interview:
How would you define yourself as an artist?
As a passionate storyteller, who reflects on society and social issues.

Where do you find inspiration?
To seek for inspiration, I mostly look into art history. Like the paintings of Ilya Repin, propaganda art from North Korea or Persian miniature paitings.

The Persian miniature paintings have inspired me to create my most recent project called ‘Shadows of Pakistan’. For this project, I have also been inspired by the work of the talented photographer Muhammed Muheisen, who made an impressive body of work about refugees. His work from Pakistan inspired my greatly, and influenced my decision to create a project on this topic.

Is Brainstorming not the only creative method use to create new concepts?
Brainstorming is part of the development of a concept. The initiate idea most often comes from the combination of things I see in the world around me and those aspects that touch my heart.
Also the team you work with can be a part of the creative method. For the series ‘La Marie Antoinette Moderne’ I worked with a dream team: actress Victoria Koblenko, stylist Fleur Feringa, make-up artist Joyce Clerkx and hair artist Martin Wentzel. These people are extremely talented, hence I give them the needed space to bring in their creativity. Their input becomes part of my inspiration, which makes the development of the concept on ongoing process during the project.

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