At Xposure

Alice returned from an inspiring week at the International Photography Festival Xposure in Sharjah.

Xposure is the leading photo festival in the MENA region and the official imagery and educational platform that combines a range of photography events including; exhibitions, workshops, seminars, screenings, focus groups, competitions, photo walks, and hosts a dedicated photographic and video production trade show.

The 2019 edition was held from September 19 till 22. This year’s festival attracted 15,000 visitors over the four days of the event.  Alice showcased her work from North Korea, with a solo exhibition showing ‘North Korea, a Life between Propaganda and Reality’ and she gave a seminar to give insight into her latest and upcoming project on North Korea.

Alice was delighted to receive one of the awards. As Xposure celebrates and showcases a selection of top-photographers, the participating photographers were send home with an ‘oscar’. Alice was proud to be one of the four female photographers to be part of this prestigious festival. The image on the left depicts (from left to right) Somi Nwandu, Alice Wielinga, Ami Vitale and Laurel Chor.

Alice went home with a suitcase filled with spices from the local market, a heart filled with warmth by the hospitality of Sharjah and a mind filled with stories and images captured by her talented colleagues. Four days to always remember.