Donne & Fotografia

From 27 September until the 7th of January, Donne & Fotografia will be held in Udine (Italy). Donne & Fotografia is a photographic exhibition of Women and their role in the world of photography. It showcases 150 different photographers, which Alice Wielinga is honored to be part of.

In the announcement of the exhibition, the organization of the exhibition, CRAF, names the 150 photographers. The lists goes from Berenice Abbott, Diane Arbus, Margaret Bourke White, Nan Goldin, Annie Leibovitz, Mary Ellen Mark, Bettina Reims to Vee Speers, Newsha Tavakolian and Alice Wielinga. CRAF describes these photographers as the 150 great photographers who have profoundly revolutionized and influenced the history of twentieth century photography.

The 150 photographs will be exhibited at the 31st edition of the Friuli Venezia Giulia Photography in Udine, Italy at the Chiesa di San Francisco.

The photo of Alice which will be displayed is Communist Laborer, that belongs to her project Russian Women.

The series Russian Women was created in collaboration with actress Victoria Koblenko. The series explores stereotypes about Russian Women. The association that often comes to mind while thinking of Russian women is quiet obvious, the mail-order bride.

In Russian Women Alice decided to explore other ways women have been viewed throughout Russian art history. The selected picture depicts a Russian Laborer which forms a diptych with an artwork called Nouveau Riche, also made in the style of a communist poster.

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