It is one of the most cherished houses in the canal ring: the Bartoloi House on the Herengracht. With two bends in the facade, the house follows the curve of the canal.
In 1620, Guillelmo Bartoloi (1560 – 1634) moved into the city mansion with his family. Bartoloi was born with the name Willem van den Heuvel, but along with his brothers and sisters, he inherited the estate of an uncle who died childless. The uncle,
Giovanni Baptista Bartoloi from Lombardy, requested however that they adopt his name as part of the inheritance. The well-known architect, Hendrick de Keyser, is the designer of the Bonte Huis (“The colourful house”), named for its richly decorated facade with pilasters, masks, strips, blocks, triglyphs, capitals, pediments, vases,
gable decorations, shells and balusters.