Looking back on a great collaboration with Het Nuthuis

Saturday 8th of April was the last day of the exhibition of Alice in Het Nuthuis, The Hague.

The exhibition of Alice Wielinga’s work over North Korea ‘between Propaganda and Reality’ was last to see this weekend in Het Nuthuis, The Hague.
It would be an understatement to say it wasn’t a succes, due to the numerous people that came and the great reviews she got, like for instance the one of GUP magazine were they wrote:

“…she travelled to North Korea to try to understand how one of the most isolated countries in the world functions. Upon returning home and spreading her pictures out on the floor, Wielinga saw a relationship between North Korean propagandistic art and the pictures she had taken of the everyday life of the people.”

As a page is turning, Alice was reviewed as one of the most influential Dutch photographer in The Netherlands by CRAF. Therefore, she is pleased to announce that her work will be part of Donne & Fotografia, exposed in Udine, Italy. Venice numerosi!

To read the full review, visit the website of Gup.