New series La Marie Antoinette Moderne

Eduard Planting Gallery will present the new series La Marie Antoinette Moderne at the PAN.

In La Marie Antoinette Moderne Alice uses the character Marie Antoinette as a symbol for a powershift. During Marie Antoinette’s reign the French Revolution started. This caused a powershift from the aristocrats to the people. Nowadays the power shifts from the Western world towards new leading economies, the so-called BRIC countries. In this series Alice fantasizes how the cultures of the uprising economies influence the old world and shape new fashion icons, like Marie Antoinette once was.

The series is made in close collaboration with Victoria Koblenko (actress), Fleur Feringa (stylist), Joyce Clerkx (Make-up artist) and Martin Wentzel (Hair artist).

The PAN is an art fair held at the Amsterdam Rai from 23 till 30 November.

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