1st prize MIFA

We are very honored to announce that Alice won the first prize at the Fine Art Category of the Moscow International Foto Awards (MIFA) for her series North Korea, a Life between Propaganda and Reality.

About MIFA: MOSCOW INTERNATIONAL FOTO AWARDS conducts an annual competition for professional, non- professional, and student photographers on a global level, creating an ambitious and comprehensive competitions in the photography world. Photographers from all corners of the world are encouraged to enter their work.

It is MIFA’s mission to salute the achievements of the world’s finest photographers, to discover new and emerging talent, and to promote the appreciation of photography.


North Korean Perspectives in Chicago

Today is the last day of the show North Korean Perspectives in the Museum of Contemporary Photography in Chicago.

Alice has travelled to Chicago this summer to attend the opening. She was impressed by the beautiful presentation the museum created and the enthusiasm of the museum crew.

In the show works of 12 different international artists is included: Seung Woo Back, Pierre Bessard, Philippe Chancel, David Guttenfelder, Ari Hatsuzawa, Suntag Noh, João Rocha, Matjaž Tančič, Thomas van Houtryve, Marie Voignier, Hyounsang Yoo and Alice Wielinga.

About North Korean Perspectives as written in the MoCP program: “The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), or North Korea, has been called the Hermit Kingdom, as it is one of the most reclusive states in the world. North Korea’s citizens are not allowed to travel abroad, there is no Internet connection to the outside world, and the flow of information is almost completely controlled by the government. This exhibition will be divided into two main sections: one showing the government’s official version of North Korea, while the other offers the alternative view of the country. Imagery distributed through official channels, such as the country’s press agency KCNA, which is based in Japan, and those photographed by tourists on state-controlled tours will offer an official view. These official images will be juxtaposed with a non-controlled stream of images coming out of the country: photographs produced by international photojournalists from within the nation, and international artists using photography and video to directly address North Korea. North Korean Perspectives is organized by Europe-based independent curator Marc Prüst in collaboration with MoCP’s Executive Director Natasha Egan.”


Les Rencontres d’Arles 2015

After winning the first prize at the Photo Folio Review 2014, North Korea, a Life between Propaganda and Reality will be shown during the 2015 edition of the international renown photofestival Les Rencontres d’Arles.

As the winner of the Photo Folio Review 2014, Alice’s project will be shown in a soloshow at the Eglise Saint Blaise.

On North Korea, a Life between Propaganda and Reality:
April 2013. While the Western media follows Kim Jong-Un’s steps during his missile test launches, I travel 2,500 kilometres through the North Korean interior. Once arrived, the images I know from my advance research correspond with the scenes my guides proudly show me during their propaganda tour. But seeing these scenes with my own eyes, I gradually discover that behind everything they present to me, a different reality is hidden. While I listen to my guides talking about what invaluable contributions the greatly admired leaders made to their country, I drive through a landscape that looks haggard and desolate. During my journey I collect propaganda material and take photographs of the reality I encounter. This material is the basis for my multimedia project ‘North Korea, a Life between Propaganda and Reality’. With the found propaganda images and my own photographs I compose a story that deconstructs the North Korean propaganda.

The exhibition can be visited from July 6 till September 20 in Eglise Saint Blaise in Arles.

For more information, visit the festival’s website:
Les Rencontres d’Arles


North Korean Perspectives @ Drentsmuseum

Till August 30, the exhibition North Korean Perspectives will be shown at the Drents Museum in Assen, the Netherlands.

This show is programmed together with the show The Kim Utopia, which exhibits 120 paitings of North Korean artist. One of the first time North Korean art is exhibited on this scale in the west.

“A bridge between different perspectives on North Korea”

The show North Korean Perspectives serves as an interesting counterpart. What impression do we have of North Korea on the basis of the photographs that are available to us? That is the central question in this photo exhibition.

The approved photographs by the State press agency KCNA and photographers such as Philippe Chancel and Pierre Bessard are mirrored by those taken by international photo journalists working in North Korea, such as David Guttenfelder and Thomas Van Houtryve, as well as images by international artists like Alice Wielinga and Seung Woo Back, who present their views of North Korea in photographs, sometimes combined with other media.

In her series North Korea, a Life between Propaganda and Reality, Alice tries to create a bridge between different perspectives on North Korea, and therefore she is glad her work is programmed in the context of both exhibitions.

The NRC (Dutch newspaper) stated on her work shown at the Drents Museum: “Wielinga’s photoworks make North Korea even more surreal than it already is”.

North Korean Perspectives was compiled by the internationally renowned curator Marc Prüst and will also be shown at the Museum of Contemporary Photography in Chicago, from July 23 till October 4, 2015.


A talk @ De Donkere Kamer

On Jan 12 Alice gave a talk during De Donkere Kamer, a bimonthly live magazine with guests from various fields of photography.

During an interview by Edie Peters, Alice spoke about her work in North Korea, and her previous work which has led her to this project.

This 22nd edition of De Donkere Kamer said farewell to Lars Boering, the former head of the Dutch Photography federation who now starts his new job as the director of World Press Photo. Alice was proud to be choosen as one of the speakers at this special evening, amongst Marcel Christ and Erwin Olaf, in Pakhuis de Zwijger in Amsterdam.


North Korea in Le Monde

This weekends issue of M Magazine, the supplement magazine of Le Monde, shows a portfolio item of North Korea, a Life between Propaganda and Reality.

In M Magazine, Alice gives a preview of her work which will be part of the upcoming edition of Les Rencontres d’Arles.

In a greatly written piece by François Bougon, Alice explains about her project and her fascination with this country. In North Korea, a Life between Propaganda and Reality Alice searches into different perception of reality about the most isolated country in the world.


Soloshow at Museum het Grachtenhuis

On November 22 A Winter Tale opened at Museum het Grachtenhuis. The show will be held till February 8.

The 400 year celebration of the Amsterdam Canals in 2013 inspired Alice to create a series about her new hometown. Alice wondered what had changed throughout the past four centuries. In the Rijksmuseum Alice found the Canalbook (1768 – 1771) from Caspar Jacobsz. Philips, which depict the state of each canal house at that time. Hence this book was a perfect guide to learn about the changes since the golden century. Alice printed the pages of Philips’ book and walked alongside the canals for days. Then she went back to the places that caught her attention, took photographs of the current situation, and layered Caspar Philips’ drawing on top of it.

In the meanwhile Alice had created a personal library of figures throughout the art history of Amsterdam. Figures from paintings, etchings, drawing and old photographs from Amsterdam masters like Rembrandt, Romeyn de Hooghe and Jacob Olie. Putting these elements together, as pieces of a puzzle, she brought her fantasy to live and depicted how the canals changed and people had lived alongside the canals for centuries.

“The 400 year celebration of the Amsterdam Canals in 2013 inspired Alice to create a series about her new hometown.”

Emma van Oudheusden, director of the museum: “We are very pleased to have this show in our museum, because Alice has been able to capture the story we tell in our museum in a fantastical way.”

Website of Museum het Grachtenhuis


Thanks Fotonieuws!

Thank you Dutch Fotonieuws (Photonews) for naming Alice Photographer of the year 2014.

“Because of her far-reaching imagination and superior technique”, as the announcement states. Alice feels grateful for this honour and this beautiful compliment given by Fotonieuws.

“Photographer of the year 2014”

2014 has brought Alice some beatiful highlights. Last summer she won the first prize with her project North Korea, a Life between Propaganda and Reality at the Folio Review during Les Rencontres d’Arles. She launched her new series La Marie Antoinette Moderne during the prestigieus art fair the PAN and opened her soloshown A Winter Tale about the history of the Amsterdam Canals in the Museum of the Canals, which will last till Feb 8 2015.

With 2015 around the corner, Alice looks forward to the opening of her soloshow at the upcoming edition of Les Rencontres d’Arles and to be part of North Korean Perspectives, a show at the Museum of Contemporary Photography in Chicago.


New series La Marie Antoinette Moderne

Eduard Planting Gallery will present the new series La Marie Antoinette Moderne at the PAN.

In La Marie Antoinette Moderne Alice uses the character Marie Antoinette as a symbol for a powershift. During Marie Antoinette’s reign the French Revolution started. This caused a powershift from the aristocrats to the people. Nowadays the power shifts from the Western world towards new leading economies, the so-called BRIC countries. In this series Alice fantasizes how the cultures of the uprising economies influence the old world and shape new fashion icons, like Marie Antoinette once was.

The series is made in close collaboration with Victoria Koblenko (actress), Fleur Feringa (stylist), Joyce Clerkx (Make-up artist) and Martin Wentzel (Hair artist).

The PAN is an art fair held at the Amsterdam Rai from 23 till 30 November.

Visit the website of the PAN.


Green dreams for Amsterdam

Alice created this image assigned by de Groene Grachten for the Amsterdam Rooftop Solutions.

It visualizes their green dreams for the future. De Groene Grachten is an organisation that strives for a more sustainable future for the Netherlands and their projects have proven to be an example worldwide.

Yesterday, during the Rooftop Festival, this image was launched. It serves for Amsterdam Rooftop Solution to show what Amterdam could be, once grey has turned into green.


“What Amterdam could be, once grey has turned into green”


The 12 km2 of rooftops has the potential to turn Amsterdam into an oasis and gives new dreams, hopes and challenges. Lets hope Amsterdam will transform from the city known for its golden century to a city famous for transforming into a green century.