Opening ‘Ode to Nebuta’ in Leeuwarden

Invitation by European Capital of Culture 2018, Leeuwarden, the Netherlands:

EU-Japan Fest: Alice Wielinga & Alexandra Pace
25 Aug. – 25 Nov. 2018

We would like to invite you for the opening of the photo-exhibition European Eyes on Japan/
Japan Today on 24 August. We will depart from the ‘Love’ fountain in front of the Central
Railway Station in Leeuwarden at 17:00 hours. Every year, the EU-Japan Fest, together
with the artistic director Mikiko Kikuta, invites both European Capitals of Culture to send
a photographer to Japan. Noorderlicht – in cooperation with Leeuwarden-Friesland 2018
– organizes this exchange this year and has invited Alice Wielinga to make a series in the
Japanese Aomori prefecture. The enormous collages, which are an artistic impression of the
annual summer festival Nebuta, can be seen in the square in front of the central railway
station of Leeuwarden.

till 2 Sept. 2018
The works of her Maltese project partner Alexandra Pace can be admired in the Zaailand
shopping centre in Leeuwarden. Pace is interested in the impact of the geographical
environment of an island state on its people. She travelled for the EU-Japan Fest along
the coastal villages in the Japanese Aomori prefecture and sought contact with the local
population that can usually not easily be approached. It resulted in impressive tranquil
images of daily life.