Amsterdam Canals

1613 - 2013

The 400 year celebration of the Amsterdam Canals inspired Alice to create a series about her new hometown. Alice wondered what had changed throughout the past four centuries. In the Rijksmuseum Alice found the Canalbook (1768 – 1771) from Caspar Jacobsz. Philips, which depict the state of each canal house at that time. Hence this book was a perfect guide to learn about the changes since the golden century. Alice printed the pages of Philips’ book and walked alongside the canals for days. Then she went back to the places that caught her attention, took photographs of the current situation, and layered Caspar Philips’ drawing on top of it.
In the meanwhile Alice had created a personal library of figures throughout the art history of Amsterdam. Figures from paintings, etchings, drawing and old photographs from Amsterdam masters like Rembrandt, Romeyn de Hooghe and Jacob Olie. Putting these elements together, as pieces of a puzzle, she brought her fantasy to live and depicted how the canals changed and people had lived alongside the canals for centuries.