Fijne Hanen


Fijne Hanen / Gallo Fino
About illegal cockfights in Cuba

Cockfighting has been introduced in Cuba by the Spanjards during the ten-year war from 1868 till 1878 between the Cuban people and the Spanish colonial power. The cockfights were introduced by the Spanjards as a truce. A replacement for the fights, which gave a breather for three days in a very violent period. Gambling made these cockfights illegal since the Cultural Revolution in 1959. While a version for tourists remains legal without the gambling, illegal fights continue in utter secrecy as a way to earn extra income under a communist regime despite risking imprisonment of up to twenty years. In 2012 Alice travelled into the inlands of the island to photograph these illegal games and to create an artwork that played with western prejudices about these, often seen as brutal, cockfights.