North Korea

ongoing project

North Korea, a Life between Propaganda and Reality (ongoing project).

It is April 2013. While the western media follows the steps of Kim Jong-Un closely during his missile test launches, Wielinga travels 2500 kilometers through the inlands of North Korea.

“I decided to find out what was happening inside North Korea, behind its propaganda that masked such unfathomable despair and poverty. During my trip I collected propaganda material and took documentary photographs of the reality I encountered. In the final works, a dialogue between propaganda and reality has emerged, trying to reconcile the present and the future of the country nobody really seems to know.”

The first part of the project North Korea, a Life between Propaganda and Reality, has been rewarded with the first prize during the MIFA 2015 (Moscow International Foto Award) and announced as the laureate at the international photo festival Les Rencontres d’Arles. The project is shown as a soloshow during the 2015 edition of this festival and was part of the group show North Korean Perspectives at the Drents Museum (Assen, NL) and the MoCP (Chicago, USA). The workbook of this project was part of L’Art se Livre at the Musée des Beaux-Arts Le Locle (Le Locle, Switzerland).