This image gives an overview of the characters from Taxi Driver. At the left side of the image we see a pimp. By using an African American character, Alice makes a reference to modern day rap culture. In particular she refers to the rapper 50 Cent who comes from New York City and had a smash hit with the song P.I.M.P. in 2003. Next to the pimp we can find the Japanese Lolita character.
Next to the Lolita character we see the taxi driver ‘Bickle’. His clothing is identical to the clothes Robert de Niro wears in the original movie, with two small yet important details changed. The emblem, referring in the original movie to the Vietnam war, is replaced by a batch handed out by the American government to soldiers returning from Iraq. The button from Palatine’s campaign is replaced by an Obama-button, who was in the middle of his campaign while Alice created this series. The house in which the original movie was filmed is depicted in the backdrop of this photo.